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    Mark Potter

      Here is a snippet of the one that happened today. The post is scheduled for 10 AM tomorrow and has not posted to the site:

      Y:[2014-02-11 18:11:44] – [Posted] [Tumblr – Tumblr] – OK – Message Posted | PostID: 9638 – Ajax Diner Book Club — 2/10/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO |im
      [2014-02-11 18:11:44] – [Posted] [Twitter – Twitter] – OK – Message Posted | PostID: 9638 – Ajax Diner Book Club — 2/10/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO |im | Post Link
      [2014-02-11 18:11:43] – [Posted] [Facebook – ninebullets] – OK – Message Posted | PostID: 9638 – Ajax Diner Book Club — 2/10/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO |im | Post Link
      [2014-02-11 11:51:03] – [Scheduled] [Twitter (Twitter)] – PostID:(9638)
      [2014-02-11 11:51:03] – [Scheduled] [Tumblr (Tumblr)] – PostID:(9638)
      [2014-02-11 11:51:03] – [Scheduled] [Facebook (ninebullets)] – PostID:(9638)


        Are you scheduling posts using wordpress or some third party plugin?

        Mark Potter

          I use post-to-schedule but it was working correctly and has the same issue with the plugin disabled. I tested without the plugin just as best practice.



            Our plugin posts to all configured social networks at the time post goes live. Technically speaking our plugin is hooked to the event of changing post status from whatever to “Published”. This event is triggered when you hit “Publish” button, when you post on your site from email, when you publish post from your iOS/Android Device, when external plugin correctly published new post, and when scheduled post becomes live.

            I asked the previous question, because plugins like post-to-schedule are known for causing such issues. This pluign actually publishes the post but keeps it hidden until it’s time.

            It will work if you use regular WordPress functionality.

            Mark Potter

              As I clearly stated it displays the same behavior with the plugin disabled and the post scheduled using the regular WP functionality. I’d be more than happy to file a bog standard bug report as I have actually tested software for a living at one point. You are also incorrect about the methodology of publish to schedule. The posts submitted by this method show up as scheduled posts, the exact same as using the standard WP functionality. Your explanation also does not explain a six hour gap between the post being submitted in WP and SNAP posting to FB. If what you said was correct this would happen immediately. I understand that you are supporting the free version and doing so over a forum but a bog standard explanation that doesn’t actually explain the problem as shown by the logs or the explanation doesn’t instill the desire to pony up dosh for the pro version, as was my intention, to get the G+ functionality.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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