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      The “Send Email notification for errors” does not send email notification on Errors.
      It is extremely important that we get this working first.
      I have tried with different email accounts as well as with my domain’s email address. No Error notifications are received.
      Tried different sites and on different hosting accounts. Same problem.
      I have tried to post to StumbleUpon which you are aware does not current work, and i have received no error emails.

      We really need to know what is not posting , In the fear of getting banned by social sites (example Instagram etc) for over posting.
      Now we are in the blind.
      How soon can this be fixed ?
      Please help

      Thank you


        Any update on when the email error notifications will work?


          They dont seem to work for me either and it’s frustrating because fb keeps logging us out. Cant seem to get anyone from nextscripts to fix anything even though we pay for the plugin…


            Yeah. I would have hoped this would have been fixed too.
            I recently discovered that one of my Pinterest accounts was not trying to post for many weeks and was erroring out. As a result Pinterest banned the account. If the nextscripts plugin had worked as expected and notified that the posting was not going through i could have saved the account and the process.

            Any update when this will be fixed?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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