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      Ok, so I have a few categories, let’s name them as follows:


      Most of my posts are about Mammals and it is quite annoying to have to continuously uncheck the Uncategorized category. So what I did was make the Mammals category the default and I deleted the Uncategorized category. Works rather well now. However, I do have an issue with SNAP when I did this.

      Say I am writing a post for Birds, so I manually uncheck Mammals and select Birds – all my social accounts are correctly checked at the bottom of the post. However, if I leave Mammal pre-checked, any posts for Mammals does NOT have all social accounts correctly checked under the post.

      The only time they are correct checked is if I go to Settings > SNAP > Social Account > Advanced and have Filter Autoposting by Categories set as “All”. If I actually have it set by “Selected” this is when I run into the above problem even if Mammals is one of the selected categories.

      Any chance a fix can be released for this?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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