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      I followed your exemple for the pinterest auto poster bu when i try o post somenthig this error is sent:

      <div class=”errorInternal”></div>
      <div>Uh oh! Something went wrong.</div>
      <p class=”retry”>Try these little browser tricks to get going again.</p>

      <ul class=”diagnoseList”>
      <li class=”diagnose”>
      <span class=”errorNumber”>1</span>
      Turn on Javascript
      <li class=”diagnose”>
      <span class=”errorNumber”>2</span>
      Clear your cache and cookies
      <li class=”diagnose”>
      <span class=”errorNumber”>3</span>
      Make sure you’re up-to-date
      <li class=”diagnose”>
      <span class=”errorNumber”>4</span>
      Try a different browser

      <p class=”more”>
      Still having trouble? Get help.</p>

      I’m using the latest SNAP Api pro

      Any Idea ??

      Thank you


        Same error here, could you please provide a solution? Thanks


          Encountering the same issue. Would like a fix as well.



            Please mention the version you use when you make such posts. There are not currently known issues with the latest as of today version 2.15.38


              These posts were made before the current fixed version went out on June 26th. Obviously they would have been broken. It would be nice if you updated the change log at the bottom of this page to let everyone know changes were made as well, I’m not sure how we’re supposed to know an update was released currently:

              Pinterest API Library


                We have a special feed for update announcements:

                Subscribe there or follow it from social networks.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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