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    Hello, the other day I upgraded my account from Snap PRO to SNAP PRO Multisite.
    I have had SNAP for years and never had an issue until now.
    I have followed the instruction guides (a few of them) to the word step by step ( so please dont refer me to the same guides over and over)
    I have updated the API, reentered my serial number and even deleted and then readded snap.
    I have contacted support and been given the same answer over and over (to update my API) which I have done 15 times.
    I am still recieving the following message:

    You are running SNAP Single Site Pro
    This version does not fully support WordPress Multisite (ex WordPress MU).

    You can use SNAP for your main blog only. Click here to setup it.

    Please upgrade to SNAP Pro for WordPress Multisite to get all features:
    – All Blogs/Sites autopost to networks configured by Super Admin
    – Each Blog/Site Admin can configure and auto-post to it’s own networks
    – Super Admin can enable/disable auto-posting for each site and the whole network
    – Super Admin can also manage/setup/disable/override SNAP settings for each Blog/Site.

    IS there a number to call? Support takes 24 hours per response and I keep getting the same exact response over and over…


    I also tried deactiving multi site and installing it then however that didnt’ work either…. does PRO Multisite work or did I pay $100 for the same thing I already get using my normal pro account?


    I have the same issue! I cannot use the plugin with my multisite network anymore. I have opened a ticket a couple days ago and no answer yet. What can I do? Please provide support.


    Does anyone know how to get NextScripts’ attention on this???

    I have the same issue – my multisite install of over a year stopped working about a month ago after an update, however when I login to my activation key is no longer listed for me to try re-entering it.

    I opened a support ticket back on 9/5 that hasn’t even been touched, and also tried reaching out via their sales contact form, but to no avail. I paid $150 for my license to use the MU version of this plugin and according to their product page, Lifetime plugin upgrades are also included.

    What does it take to get a response after they broke this plugin so that we can start using what we paid for again?


    I can tell you that my issue was solved. For some reason my license code seemed to be invalid, but I couldn’t re-enter it and I could not follow the support directions to restore it. At last, I granted temporary access to my wp-admin and they did it in a snap. Don’t ask me how and why. I felt dumb, but I couldn’t do it myself.

    See if you can re-enter somehow your license code in the plugin options.

    Good luck!


    Part of the problem is that I don’t have my license key anymore – it doesn’t show up in my dashboard when I login to the NextScripts website.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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