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      Hey, I am using Snap Pro plugin for WP.

      So my website is using WP Job Manager plugin with Woocommerce. I have, let’s say, 3 Job packages created as Woocommerce products. I select these products through the Snap plugin filter (on accounts advanced settings) and jobs posted through these selected packages do not get shared – they get Skipped instead. I can’t attach images here, but I have attached images on my ticket [Ticket#NXS354555]. No errors on the Log, it just says Skipped.

      I really don’t understand what is the problem, I tried everything. I can give you access to the testing site, so you could test it too, if needed.

      Please help me with this asap, I really need those filters to work.

      Plugin Version: 3.8.8 (API Version: 2.28.19 [ID:18381]) [Pro – Multiple Accounts Edition]

      Thank you.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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