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      First of all, thanks for that all-in-one plugin, i was really surprised how much this plugin can do.

      Yesterday i have successfully configure and test Twitter, LJ and Facebook integration, but still i have some problems with Vk VK and Blogger integration.
      Can some1 help me?

      It was with Google profile attached, and the problem was: when i tryes to submit test post to blogger, the page just sleeps with the “Sending update to Blogger” until i reload it or press some other page link.
      Then i unlink my google+ profile, but the problems stays.

      [2013-07-07 07:44:24] – [Error] [Blogger – photourismru] – -=ERROR=- | PostID: 0 –
      [2013-07-07 07:21:19] – [Error] [Blogger – photourismru] – -=ERROR=- | PostID: 0 –

      Submit Test Post to vKontakte give me error:

      Y:[2013-07-07 08:03:44] – [Error] [vKontakte – CrazyDiamond] – -=ERROR=- {“error”:{“error_code”:5,”error_msg”:”User authorization failed: invalid access_token.”,”request_params”:[{“key”:”oauth”,”value”:”1″},{“key”:”method”,”value”:””},{“key”:”owner_id”,”value”:”123123123″},{“key”:”access_token”,”value”:”some value”},{“key”:”from_group”,”value”:”1″},{“key”:”message”,”value”:”Test Link from http:\/\/”},{“key”:”attachment”,”value”:”http:\/\/”}]}} | PostID: 0 – |aj

      And i beleive Vk App is configured correctly:

      Any ideas..?


        And the last question: whats wrong with the TIME of the crossposted post???
        Server and WP time is Ok, but crossposted post time is 2 or 3 hours before actual post time!

        Thats a bug.


          No Google+, no Vk, no Blogger…why i still need this plugin then?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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