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    I followed the guide but the cron does not work, I continue to see this:
    Internal WP Cron execution: Disabled – OK
    SNAP Query Event Cron: NOT Found (Last Cron Execution: 1970-01-01 00:00:00 – 1540824156.47sec ago – NOT OK
    Show Cron Test Results

    Check is not started yet… Please this page in couple minutes.
    If you still see this message after several minutes, your cron is NOT RUNNING.

    even if I inserted the cron in my cpanel

    wget -O /dev/null http://website/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron > /dev/null 2>&1

    I need help


    the cron does not work and you do not receive support as you solve this problem so the plugin is useless


      Cron is not something our plugin can control, setup or adjust. It’s internal WordPress feature and it must be working. The best person to setup and troubleshoot it will be your server admin. There could be a number of reasons (usually incorrect server security setup) that could be resolved only by server admin.


      It does not work and I do not understand why, my administrator said that the cron works but nothing is posted in any social, so how do I solve this problem?

      Once again we checked the work of the cron, everything works stably.
      You can view your site logs, cron runs every minute, and performs its functions.


        Do you have WP Cron setup correctly?

        WP-Cron: Scheduling Tasks in WordPress

        Please go to the Log/History page and check only “All Cron Events” checkbox.

        You should see ONLY crons executed from WGET or Mozilla every one or two minutes. If you see nothing at all, calls from “WordPress/4.x.x” or calls made at irregular time intervals, your cron is not set correctly.


        Nothing does not work, how can I delete everything and install everything new? I tried to do it with the link you have in the guides but when I install I still have the configuration first. I want to delete all the traces and install the plugin again to see if I solve the problem


        The plugin is great, but the support is poor. For months I try to solve this problem, but the answers come, if they arrive, always with many days of delay. I understand everything but who buys the plugin should receive assistance for problems of non-functioning


          According to your posts – your cron is NOT working correctly As soon as you set it up to work plugin will start working. Please do that.


          I don’t know if this will be of any help to the OP, but I wanted to share my experience regarding cron jobs, WordPress and SNAP Pro as a Mac OS X user.

          Due to my lack of experience with creating cron jobs under Mac OS X, I didn’t know how to manually set up a cron event for SNAP Pro, as it is explained on the SNAP Pro support page. So, I purchased a program called LaunchControl which allows me to easily set up launchd events, a.k.a. cron jobs.

          At first, the program kept reporting an error 78 whenever I tried to set up the launchd event for WordPress and SNAP Pro. But then I realized what the problem was.

          As it turns out, by default, the wp-cron.php file in WordPress does not include a shebang line at the top of the file. I am assuming that this is because WordPress automatically assumes that the PHP interpreter/binary is located in a certain place in the user’s OS.

          However, this creates a problem when you are running a third party web server — as I do — and not using the OS-installed version of PHP. As a result, I had to open the wp-cron.php file in my text editor and add the shebang line, pointing it to the PHP binary in my web server setup. Once I did this, the launchd event — meaning wp-cron — and SNAP Pro began working properly.

          The only caveat is that each time the developer updates PHP in my web server package, I have to make sure that I recheck the shebang line in wp-cron.php to make sure that it is still pointing to whatever PHP version I happen to be using.

          As I said, I don’t know if the above information will help the person who is having a problem, but I thought it might be worth mentioning, just in case.

        Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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