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      I’ve noticed problems with the WP post to Tumblr using the Image Post option. I have changed the Post Text Format to various things, and removed %IMAGE%, but there are always issues.

      If I use %FULLTEXT% then the image shows up twice – once as part of the image post, and again as an embedded image in the body of the post.

      If I use %ANNOUNCE% then the image only shows once – if there are more than the one image, then only the first shows. But it ignores any HTML, so any links I have included in the body of the text are no longer links.

      I wouldn’t mind just one image showing of a set, but having all my HTML ignored defeats the purpose. I have left it on %FULLTEXT%, but now my readers are asking why I am posting images twice, or posting one image with embedded images underneath (for gallery images).

      Do you have any suggestions how I can navigate this problem? 99% of my WP posts are images, and Tumblr is a very image-centric site, so it would be nice to have a way to post from one to the other seamlessly, instead of doing all posting by hand, twice.

      By the way, thank you soooo much for adding the Categories to Tags for Tumblr posting. That has helped a LOT!


        Yes, if you could solve/make Tumblr image posting more friendly Ludwig that would be awesome!


          I have the same problem, how do you add more tags? I tried to do so but does not work

          %FULLTEXT% %AUTHORNAME% %SURL% %TAGS% #ironia #sarcasmo #cinismo


            1. Several images – The answer is in the FAQ – #5.1:

            Support FAQ

            2. Tumblr doesn’t use hashtags, they use regular tags, so you can’t add tags by adding #tag to the text.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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