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      I have setup my Facebook and it works great.

      Twitter however isn’t working as expected. I can post the URL to the blogpost and no image shows up, even though there is a featured image.

      I checked the attach image to twitter post and it will post the featured image with the tweet but does not wrap it with the URL, its just the image when you click it, it doesnt redirect to blog site.

      Can anyone help? I need it to look like it normally would when you post a link.

      Tim Hosking

        I am having exactly the same problem. Did you ever get a response to this, as for me it’s a show stopper?


          There is no such thing as “Clickable image” on Twitter. You can attach image to tweet, bit just as image It will have no link.

          Most probably you are both talking about feature called “Twitter cards”. This feature adds clickable image with some link description to your tweet. This feature is provided by the Twitter itself and has nothing to do with our plugin at all. Twitter adds “Twitter cards” to the posts made manually and to the posts made by the plugin just the same.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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