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      Running setup for advanced API I do not get anny accounts listed for facebook, I have doen the steps for tokens multiple times but no accounts show. This error occurs on setup attempt.

      [13-May-2019 17:28:12 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: authUser in /home/allfreec/public_html/SNAPw3/inc-cl/fb.php on line 281


        Update : Also, appears maybe just the drop down is not working as i can not get a text feild when selecting enter the page ID… if I select that it just reloads the page with no text box to enter data..


          I added a ticket while as well and neither will get a response. Ill be coming up on my one year renewal and still have note been able to use the product!



            June 5th is renewal! Lets try and fix within one year lol!


              No ticket updates or responses here. But sales will answer!


                Can you at least give me the array used for a facebook page to serialize?


                  OK, just paid $99 for renewal and still have not got an answer on anything I posted!

                  Ill disput on CC with links to this chat if nothing comes of this


                    What is your question? You have the universal API, please use the interface to create settings array.


                      Facebook section in API shows no groups or sites and i can NOT manually add one as per the instructions.. ive been asking this for months!


                        So nothing 🙁

                        When i place all my FB info kets ext I get no list of sites / groups I have access to post on or am administrator. I also do not have the option to manually add the page ID as per the instructions on doing this!

                        Almost like the rendering of the dropdown box is not functioning


                          Can we debug this at all or Do I just wait until next June to renewal again?


                            Awesome support, ty soo much for 2 years of nothing

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