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      Hi I am using the wordpress plugin and it is all working perfect. My question is:

      When I make a new post the plugin will post to all my networks by itself.

      When I update an old post I have to click “repost to network” for each network one at a time. Is there an easy way to get it repost to all the networks at once without me having to sit there and click each one, one by one?

      Another question I had was if I buy the Pro plugin with the API for google plus etc is that going to work forever or is that something your wanting us to buy every year?

      So basically I pay $49.95 and I get the plugin and the API forever? I’m confused thanks..

      Limited Time Only Sale: Get 50% off + free APIs
      – WordPress “SNAP PRO” Multi Accounts Plugin ($99.95 One time payment)
      – SNAP Universal API (Run-time Only) ($49.95/year)
      Total:$149.90 first year + $49.95/year, Right now: $49.95 (One time payment)
      [Limited Time Only – included for free] ($49/year value) SANP Universal API (Run-time Only). This adds autoposting to Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn Company Pages, Reddit, Flipboard, YouTube


        1. “Post to all networks” button is coming with V4.
        2. One time payment – lifetime license.


          When is this version released? I’m also waiting for this function, reposting to all networks with one button

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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