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      There is any way to upload the pictures to twitter (like facebook) ?
      Or can i only attach Images to Twitter Post ?


        I am not sure I got your question. There is only one way of adding images to Twitter and our plugin does it this way.



          I’m having a problem getting my pictures to be auto posted to twitter.
          SNAP does a wonderful job auto posting entry and featured image to my facebook page but for
          Twitter, it only posts the title and url but no image even though I checked the post image option as well.

          I checked the log/history and it tells me that
          “Could not get image, will post without it-Error”.
          I’ve already checked the 1.4 question in FAQ and done everything recommended but it is still not working.
          -The image is set. I’ve delayed autoposting for several minutes and it did nothing.
          – I made sure there are no protections on image.
          -The URLs are defined fully
          – I contacted my hosting provider (Bluehost) AND Cloudflare (CDN) because they said they do make a small change on the DNS. Both told me there shouldn’t be any problem. In fact, both representatives told me there aren’t any misconfiguration with the DNS and it wouldn’t make sense for my facebook auto posts to work fine but my twitter to have a probelm with image.

          Is there any other recommendation you can make for me?
          I’m going to try and deactivate cloudflare tonight and I’ll try again. In the mean time if you have any other professional advice regarding this situation it’ll be greatly appreciated.
          I’m trying to have images posted to twitter like they do here: http://www.twitter.com/boredpanda

          thank you for your time

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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