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      I’ve had success setting up publishing to several systems, but I have been experiencing a few problems on vKontakte. First off, it doesn’t seem to hold the Username and Password, in the SNAP settings area. Every time I put them in and save it, they disappear again. Second, and this may be related to the user/pass problem, the test post doesn’t ever complete “Sending update to vKontakte(VK)” My account is authorized successfully though. “Your vKontakte(VK) Account has been authorized.”

      Any thoughts? Is vKontakte working for other people?


        I bought the plugin last week. twitter and fb works fine and now tried VK, its not working. What @Franklin experienced is happening to me also. @Franklin’s last post was last January, its september now, so this issue seems very low in priority. I hope this gets fix soon.

        This is what it looks like after clicking “Update Settings” button

        It takes forever when i try to post to VK

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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