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    Mark Hampshire


      When will the problems be sorted with regards to Auto posting. The plugin now does not even pick up the posts on my website. I have a website now with 100’s of ads that have to be manually auto posted. The plugin used to tap into the ads that were on the sever before install. Now it does not see them at all.

      This is getting really frustrating.

      Please do not post the common link that you do to V4 or the one to where you refer to auto re-posting etc being disabled.

      This was the whole reason I brought the plugin. I was thinking of posting to Instagram as that is becoming very popular but what’s the point if the plugin is incapable or reading the information that is already on the server…


        I am not sure what to answer here.

        Auto posting is working fine.

        Auto RE-posting in version 3.X.X will not be sorted out. It’s was done wrong, It can’t be fixed. We admitted that long time ago.

        New and totally different auto RE-posting feature will come with version 4.

        Version 4 is in pre-beta status and will be available as beta to anyone who is willing to test it soon.

        Mark Hampshire


          On my sites it used to pick up the already posted ads and re-posted them fine at random etc. It was still working up to a few versions ago. I have tried to install old versions of the plugin but they now do not work. I have no choice but to update which then of course leaves me where I am now.

          I get the auto posting of new ads works but I import ads from ebay at around 300 every 12 hrs. I’d be banned from facebook instantly if they were auto posted at the time i import lol. Hence why I need the plugin to randomly pics from my ads and re-post them as a time interval set by me.

          It’s very frustrating.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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