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    Congratulations on getting the Twitter texts to work properly with version 4.1.2!

    However there’s now an even bigger problem – the ‘Screen Options’ at the top of the screen is broken, and it’s wiped out my Visual Composer for new pages and posts.

    Can we have yet another fix, please?

    Meanwhile I’ll just ‘rollback’ to version 3.4.whatever, like I’ve been doing for years now.

    Who on earth does the quality control for this plugin?



    In fact you know what?

    Just rolled back to a previous version, and YET AGAIN I’m needing to compile and authenticate another ream of accounts.

    Why is it, that the Blog2Social plugin, when that one went tits up, I had a mad rush of support and admin provisions that lasted until it was working properly again – and that’s for a FREE plugin.

    Yet you come here to the Nextscripts forums and you get greeted with a deadly wall of silence and a plugin update twice a year, unless they have a new network to add – which will go wrong anyway.

    Get your issues right and sort this plugin out for PAYING CUSTOMERS!!!


    Right, I’m presuming then that this plugin is registered as ‘abandoned’ now, as no support is offered.

    Even though we just had an Instagram update, I’m still presuming it’s abandoned as the basic operation is still not working – something that I’m guessing is even more important than an Instagram update.

    So – can we get the ‘screen options’ and ‘help’ sections working on new WordPress pages, posts and CPT’s as it’s beyond a joke now.

    Before you ask – the only plugin that’s conflicting here is Nextscripts, as when it is deactivated, all the ‘screen options’ and ‘help’ sections for pages, posts and CPTs on new WordPress items miraculousy re-appear.


    Yep, having similar issues but for me Snap even interfers with the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin so that Really isn’t very good at all.
    Let’s hope this gets picked up Very quikcly after all as this last update seems to wreak havoc …


      Could you please explain in details or provide some scrrenshots about your issues?. What exactly does it mean ” interfers with the WPBakery Visual Composer” or “Screen Options’ at the top of the screen is broken”? Interferes how? Broken how? Thank you for your interest to our products.

      Also please lease take a look at your debug console in any browser for Javascript errors.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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