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      Hi guys!
      ​​I use WPML, my multilingual website.
      I make one post and translate it into several other languages ​​(English, Portuguese, German, French).
      This creates 5 posts (translation of the first post).
      Then, these posts shall be published with the help of SNAP is published on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, VK).
      The problem is this:
      SNAP publishing a post translated into another language gives the URL to the original post instead of giving url translation.
      Even if you manually enter the link to the post of Translation (English, Spanish, German), SNAP provides a URL address to the original post (which in Russian). Manually work just VK.
      And when in a social network user clicks on auto post SNAP, it gets URL address to the first post (with source text) instead of giving the correct link to the published post.
      Permanent error WPML+SNAP URL address. SNAP confusing URL address WPML posts and makes URL address only to the first post (with source text) instead of giving a URL address to a post with the translation.
      How to fix it?


        Right now SNAP officially supports only main default language for WPML posts.

        All other languages will be supported when we announce full support for WPML.


          I bought a licence and I’m waiting to see if the plugin is made compatible with WPML. Social Auto Poster from WPWeb is compatible and I wonder if it would had been better to buy this other one. Please let us know if it has been made compatible.



            Also eager to see this implementation… Adding my comment (bookmarking this thread) here in order to stay updated! 🙂


              Same here, REALLY need SNAP & WPML to be friends. So +1.


              we just bought the lifetime license just to find out, that this is a years old problem that is still not solved. we really need this for a working synergy. we support full open-graph on our site. so facebook should take the correct links, but having the autoposter creating the posts in multiple languages on creation is importatnt as facebook does not allow to add languages once published.

              or is there a workaround/different plugin/solution to this now (three years after first mentioning here)?

            Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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