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      Just bought the pro version today Not that I really need the pro But I like to support a Good Plugin Author. Ok now that I kissed a Little You know what my Problem :>

      the plulisted posts on Facebook are showing the logo of the site and not the featured image of the video.
      I did have this problem with wpmuDEV’s ultimate Facebook so what I’m thinking its something to do with the plugin I’m using. I’m using php My Video Blog Video Import plug in by https://www.phpmyvideoblog.com/
      It does create a featured image and the Custom Field for thumbnails for the plugin is thumb and I did put that in the settings. I did get two or three times an image that was not a featured image it was a scene in the video (strange I know).
      I really would like to fix this and continue using your plugin.
      here is a link to a pic of what its doing top image is the logo and the bottom post image I don’t know where that came from its not the featured image or an image in the post

      this next image shows the setting of the plugin

      thanks for any help


        Try to set a short delay for autoposting, sometimes third party plugins publish posts and only after that set featured image.


          Thank You Will try

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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