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Instagram was a bit tricky but with the Alternative Instagram Configuration Instructions: it works also now

Actually, BBT, I — and others — already use the session ID method, but SNAP Pro has still stopped autoposting for us since February of this year. A number of us have informed Ludwig of this, but he insists that it is because our IPs have been banned due to spamming. As I told him, I am not convinced of this, because I can post on Instagram just fine using the “Flume” app, and I post on Instagram with Flume every single day. So this is evidence to me that the problem — at least for me — is NOT due to being banned from Instagram. I am convinced that something else is going on, which Ludwig hasn’t figured out yet, apparently.

It just doesn’t make sense to me all that all of us would suddenly start having the same problem at the same time towards the end of February, which is from I have gathered, is exactly what happened.