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    you did that kegnum? did you send for authorization your app and its working now?

    Thank you!


    There is NO NEED for ANY review. Please do not confuse people.

    Latest version does ask for “manage_pages” permission.

    Take a look by yourself:

    If for whatever reason you can’t make it work, please create a new Facebook app.


    I did now both options, re-authorize and creating a new app and.. still not working …. something else?


    Yeah, there is definitely something else going on here. I have the latest plugin and even deleted the FB app and started over and am receiving the same error. I run this on two different websites and had no issues the first time around as the instructions where pretty clear.

    Is this not the right one?
    Plugin Version: 3.4.16 (API Version: 2.16.3 [ID:10815]) [Pro – Multiple Accounts Edition]

    I deleted and started over with the FB APP process on both sites and still get errors… so what’s next?


    Not working for me. I’ve removed the plugin, re-created the app (twice), and have re-authorized several times as well. Still getting the same error. We’ve had the plugin working for many months now and it suddenly broke tonight???? 🙁

    [2015-04-29 23:30:35] – [Error] [Facebook – Lessons] – -=ERROR=- Array ( [Warning] => [Error] => (#283) Requires extended permission: manage_pages )


    I’d like to also mention I have another website exhibiting the same issue. Very odd.

    Shoutout Edmonton

    Clearly admin is not aware of a change that happened in the background – more than likely on Facebook’s API side of things. I created a new API v2.3, and have to wait 5 business days for approval…..

    The API I was using before this was v2.1. A bunch of us had the issue all at the exact same time – roughly 3 hours ago now.


    same… tried everything. reauthorize… delete account rebuild from scratch. delete entire plugin and re-install. I have the latest version. Not working on FB at all.


    >> Clearly admin is not aware of a change that happened in the background


    It may come as surprise, but we do aware of that.

    Please DO NOT confuse people.

    YOU DON’T NEED TO SUBMIT YOUR APP FOR REVIEW AND APPROVAL. You can do that, but in case of SNAP its just a wasting of time. SNAP works the same with and without Facebook approval.

    It turned out that Facebook screwed most of the accounts today.

    “manage_pages” permission is requested and granted, but Facebook still trows 283 error.

    So far out of every 10 people 3 have no problems after re-authorization and 7 are screwed.

    We will keep looking for any workarounds, but I guess at this point we can just wait for Facebook to fix that.


    What about if I am getting Array ( [Warning] => [Error] => (#200) Requires extended permission: )

    not the 283 error. is that the same thing?


    Same. Latest plugin and re-auth not fixing the issue.

    Ali hussnain

    I am facing the same issue.<br />

    I have tried everything including<br />

    Reinstalling this plugin to latest version<br />
    Installing a new wordpress to a different website and setting up this plugin to that site<br />
    Created new facebook app and attached to SNAP
    <br />
    I am error #200 on my permanent Website.<br />
    and now getting error #283 on temporary website(just created to test this again)

    Now tell me what to do next?
    is there anyhting left


    Same here. I get this error:

    -=ERROR=- Array ( [Warning] => [Error] => (#283) Requires extended permission: manage_pages )


    Hi, i reinstalled the plugin via and re-autorized the app a lot of times, still get the issue #283, please send a general update for all your users, i cant fix this issue and i do the guide step-by-step

    Please Help

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