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      I removed and re-added after updating and I still receive this error. Obviously, support needs to look into this some more..


        People! Please, please stop blaming nextscripts for this and stop saying that we need to “look into this some more”

        Facebook already officially admitted it’s their fault. Facebook broke it’s API all by itself.
        There is nothing we can do until they fix it.



          Same issue with our app this morning. Funny thing is the app was already using API 2.2 (not 1.0).
          Anyhow, I updated SNAP first and reauth, but that didn’t help. Then I created a new app and that does use API v2.3, reauth but that still doesn’t fix it. Look like we’re waiting for Facebook to fix this on their end.


            And we’re back. Good luck everybody!


              It’s spreading guys 🙂


                Seems like we are back guys! Thank you SNAP team for your patience and support!


                  Issue has been resolved by Facebook. We can confirm that it’s working.

                  Right now we are back to the original solution.

                  If you still have the problem, it means you are using outdated version of the plugin. Please update plugin to the latest version and re-authorize Facebook


                    I installed again the plugin and I didn’t notice any difference.

                    I made a new application and again I didn’t notice any difference.

                    I checked the faq 10. I sent a message to my host provider and deactivated my firewall/csf and nothing happened.

                    I put this on the framework of my theme add_filter(‘http_request_timeout’, function(){return 5;}); And I didn’t notice any difference.

                    I use your plugin on 7 profiles. In 6 of them when I do reauthorization I get this message
                    1 of the 6 is working fine but on the other 5 I keep getting this message “ERROR(#200) The user hasn’t authorized the application to perform this action”

                    On the 7th profile I get this message But it works fine without any problems.

                    For 7 days am having a very serious problem with your plugin. If it’s a problem of facebook tell me what to do to fix it.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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