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      Thank you very much


      I have the same problem. It happened after the update to version 4.3.21 of the plugin and later to version 4.3.23. After downgrading to version 4.3.20, everything works.

      Hello. Thank you for this solution. This problem actually began after Facebook experienced their hours-long global outage. It was right after that, on October 7th, that I could no longer autopost to my Facebook timeline, page or group. I immediately opened a new support ticket here concerning it. Ludwig has yet to respond. I just updated my ticket to let him know that this temporary solution works.

      Thanks again for figuring this out for us. Much appreciated.


        Why isn’t he replying? Why not just release a new API version?


        I just wanted to remind everyone that if you temporarily downgrade to 4.3.20, you need to remember to disable the automatic update option for the SNAP Pro plugin on the main plugins page. Otherwise, WordPress will update the plugin right back to 4.3.23 again, thus recreating the same FB autoposting problem.

        This is exactly what happened to me. Thus, I had to reinstall 4.3.20 again, and then immediately disable automatic update for the plugin.


          there is no simple way of downgrading, you have to go through a messy route of FTP – it’s ridiculous that Ludwig isn’t replying to us here.


          Actually, downgrading for me is VERY easy and just takes a minute, the reason being that I run my own web server.

          All I have to do is unzip the old version, and then drag the resulting folder over to the plugins folder on my other iMac where I run my web server.

          I just let it overwrite the 4.3.23 folder, and 4.3.20 immediately takes effect.

          It doesn’t even involve FTP.


          thank you very much, the developers themselves don’t respond to us, they don’t care, 0 support, you saved us.


          Same problem here. How can i downgrade to the previous API version?
          Next month , i should re-new my annual fee but support is that horrible that they will kill themselves. So pitty.


          any update? anyone?


          where can you get the older version


          You will find a link for it on page 1 if the comments for this topic.

          However, let me point out that while 4.3.20 worked for me for several days, so that I was able to simultaneously autopost to my FB timeline, page and group, immediately after Facebook had that hours long global outage a while back, SNAP Pro once again stopped working completely on Facebook for me.

          In other words, I can no longer autopost to my FB timeline, page or group. So it was a short-lived victory.

          In contrast, SNAP Pro still autoposts to Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.


          Please, send link to older version that is working


            Please, send link to older version that is working

            Here is 4.3.20 version:


            Well folks, as I said in another post, I finally reached my tipping point. Thus, I decided to have a look at the “FS Poster” plugin, as had been recommended by another user here. After exchanging a few emails with the developer of the “FS Poster” plugin, and asking them a few questions, I decided to take a chance with it. Thus, I made a one-time payment of $45.00 for a lifetime license. After some initial setup confusion — probably because I was new to the plugin — I finally figured everything out. So, I am happy to report that I can now simultaneously autopost to the social networks listed below, using the “FS Poster” plugin. Once I am certain that “FS Poster” will continue to work, I intend to terminate my annual subscription to SNAP Pro. Quite frankly, I think I have given Ludwig and his team sufficient time to work out the various issues I have been having for many months now, as well as time to improve their level of support, which has been dismal as of late. With “FS Poster” I am autoposting to these social networks:

            Facebook timeline
            Facebook group
            Facebook page

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