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    My posts tend to have a number of images. I would love to use gallerys for ease of formatting, but when I put an image gallery on my post, the images from it are not available for me to select under the NextScripts info down below.

    Is this something I am not doing correcly, or is it not possible?


      1. If you are asking about “Shared Link” type of post.

      SNAP does not set image, title and description of the shared links.
      Facebook sets this info by itself using your OpenGraph(OG) metatags.

      Please see here for more info:

      Facebook Posts with Attached Link

      2. If you are asking about “Image” type of post

      How the SNAP WordPress Plugin takes images


      This doesn’t answer my question and I apologize if I wasn’t clear.

      When I create my post and include a gallery with a few images and then go to my SNAP section to set the images to be used for the image post, none of the images from the gallery show up as available to be selected. So I am wondering how to select an image from a gallery to be posted…


        I’m having the same problem. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and even tried on separate domains. Still no images available to select after unchecking auto.. even though there are multiple in the post, and a set featured image.

        I will let you know if I find a solution.

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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