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      I do not use blogger, but anytime i make changes to my SNAP settings, a blogger account appears. I am not sure why or how to fix it. Is anyone else having this problem?


        Hi there,

        i’m getting this also with a Facebook setup. The first few saves are fine, but around the 5th time I make a change and save, it adds a Blogger account, which I don’t use and never have. This has occurred on both old and clean WP installs.

        Not sure whats going on.

        Jesús Ángel del Pozo


          I also have this problem.

          Some accounts are added automatically.

          First I had installed the 3.4.21 free version. Whenever I updated any account configuration, others accounts appeared automatically.

          I have buyed the Pro version and the problem persists, but only blogger accounts are added automatically.

          This problem is a shocking bore because I have to deleted all these Blogger accounts again and again.

          SNAP: 3.4.21 (Pro)
          Wordpress: 4.3 (latest stable)

          Kind regards,

          Jesús Ángel del Pozo

            I have found other forum thread talking about this problem:

            Devianart self configure


              Please see changelog for version 3.4.22 and update the plugin.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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