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    Hi there,

    Anyone has managed to get Facebook to approve an app in order to publish posts to a Facebook’s page using native API? I’ve followed the instructions to set up a Facebook application to publish from SNAP plugin to my Facebook page. The app needs permisions to publish to pages, so it’s necessary to ask Facebook for validate the app. But I don’t know how to accomplish that. Facebook’s validation process is not easy and I don’t know what to tell them about the app.

    Are there any tutorial or tips so I can get my app validated?

    Kind regards,


    Hello again.

    I sent the application to Facebook for review. Unfortunately, NextScript’s use of the publish_pages permission does not comply with Facebook’s rules that prevent the following:

    – (forbidden) Automatically post stories without the person being aware or in control.
    – (forbidden) Fill in the “message” parameter for posts with content that the person has not created, even if the person can edit or delete it before sharing.

    Nexscripts allows you to publish automatically without the person doing anything (autopost) and fills in the message field with automatic content. It is part of its functionality, but Facebook does not approve.

    Therefore, it is not currently possible to use this plugin with the Facebook Native API to publish on your own pages. There is a periodic fee to use the alternative API.

    That’s a shame.


      Both those statements are not true. You should appeal.

      1. SNAP Shows the “Message format” field that you can change to anything you like right before posting.

      2. There is no automatic content of any kind. Everything that goes to the “Message format” is created by you.

      You probably forgot to mention that app will be used only by one person. There are no “persons” who might be not aware of anything.



      I have submitted the app again to Facebook for review with your sugestions. I’ll get in touch again when Facebook will review the app.

      Kind regards,


      I tried it a second time. Now they say that they have not been able to reproduce the mechanism of registering the Facebook account to select the page where it will be published. In the video I recorded the whole process is documented, but it is not enough, you have to give them a trial user with administrator permissions so they can do that.



      Facebook reviewers are helpless. Each time they complain about a different thing. Last time they couldn’t set up a Facebook account on NextScripts.

      I’m still trying to get them to approve the application.

      Best regards,



      I did it! Facebook has validated my application and Nexscripts can publish again on my page.

      Thanks for the help.

      Best regards.



      Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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