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      I insist that I have not had an answer yet. I can not put the whole code of the error because the web gives me an error 403. I paid for a pluggin that does not work and also do not offer solutions


        For what it is worth, auto-posting to Instagram still continues to NOT work for me either. Ludwig has insisted that everything is fine, being as it works on his server. However, I disagree. Auto-posting to Instagram has NOT worked for me since the third week of February, while auto-posting to all other social networks continues to work fine.

        As I said earlier, I am NOT convinced that this problem has anything to do with my posts to Instagram being marked as spam. If I use the Flume app, my posts are posted to Instagram without a problem. If my posts were really being marked as spam by Instagram, then using the Flume app wouldn’t work either. However, Flume does work. I am forced to use it everyday, since SNAP Pro is not working with Instagram. So again, to me, this indicates that there is something wrong with the SNAP Pro plugin which is causing the problem with Instagram. Exactly what the problem is, I honestly do not know, but I am very annoyed by this.


        It is not working for me either and support has not responded to my contact us ticket or support ticket. Highly infuriating. I needed this working by tonight for a very important campaign.


          hello, as you told me, I sent the full code with a ticket. The instragam still does not work, if this continues, why have I paid for the plugin? I do not understand why it has not worked for so long. In your web as always works, but out of there nobody works. Please, is there any solution to this? I’m worried because my product that I paid has not worked.


            Just updated to SNAP Ver: 4.3.6 and SNAP Helper Ver: 1.5.9 and whatever updates were included seemed to resolve my issue of the spinning wheel.

            Ludwig had me contact my host and check the Memory limit to ensure it was set to 512Mb and PHP is set to 7.1.

            Instagram now working for me again after 3 months;)



            Glad to hear that Instagram is working for you again, Gwen. Sadly, even though I am using the same versions of the plugin and helper as you, the same amount of memory as you, but a newer version of PHP — 7.3.1 — autoposting to Instagram still does NOT work for me since the third week of February of this year. All I can do is hope that Ludwig will eventually figure out what is going on, because I am not convinced that the problem is on my end. In fact, a few minutes ago, the plugin said that my test post was successfully posted to Instagram, but it is nowhere to be found. I really don’t know what else to do.


              is imposible…

              NextScripts not work with instagram.

              I have already sent several tickets and I do not receive a response, neither with the update works for me, nor raising the php limit (512m), nothing works. Since February I have paid with a service that I do not have and they do not give me an answer either.

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