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    I use Facebook on my desktop, my phone and my laptop and stay logged in on all three devices. Are you suggesting that accessing Facebook from a different device will reset the session ID used by NextScripts? If so how does this not totally screw up the functionality/viability of this plugin?

    in reply to: Problem with "Open Graph" Tags #558998

    So, I got a partial answer on my support ticket basically saying for the premium plugin whoever’s session info you use is what will show up as attribute of who posted. I would prefer to be able to change this to my client’s FB but I guess I’ll need to work around this.

    But what about my second question?

    In the “Open Graph” Tags section you have a field named “Author’s Facebook URL”

    What is that field for?

    Why does any value I enter into that field jump to the field above it after saving?

    Let me restate to see if you understand…

    I have a single Facebook account.

    I am admin for several Facebook pages.

    Each of those Facebook pages also has a website.

    I want to use Nextscripts on each website to autopost to their associated FB page.

    Do I need a single session from my FB account that I use on every installation of SNAP? Or, as your instructions suggest, do I need a unique session from my FB account for each installation of SNAP?

    in reply to: How to set up multiple websites #558947

    But on my other post you said this,

    “You need one session for each FB account. You can use the same session on all websites.”

    So, why would I do all of the steps I listed if I want to set up several websites???

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