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Here you can order NextScripts SNAP products. If you are looking to get an ability to add multiple accounts to your WordPress Plugin and autopost to premium networks such as Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc – you need SNAP Runtime API with SNAP Pro WordPress Plugin. It’s already pre-selected for you.

You can choose yearly subscription or one time payment.

Not sure what you should order? Here: SNAP Plugin vs SNAP API What is the difference?


(Yearly Subscription)
 Premium API for WordPress (not downloadable, will work only with SNAP WordPress Plugin) ($49.95/year)
 Premium API for PHP ($75/year)
 Universal API for PHP ($99/year)
 I don't need API

SNAP WordPress Plugin:

(One Time Payment - Lifetime license with all future updates included)
 SNAP Pro Plugin for Wordpress ($49.95)
 SNAP Pro Multiuser Plugin for Wordpress ($149.95)
 I don't need WordPress plugin

Subscription/One time Payment/Pre-Payment:

 Subscribe to yearly payments.
Make one time payment for
 1 year
 2 years (10% discount)
 3 years (15% discount)
 5 years (20% discount)
 10 years (30% discount)


Promotion/Discount: Get SNAP Pro WordPress Plugins for free ($49.95 value)
Plugin: $49.95 - $49.95 (Discount) = Free
API: $49.95/year

Total: $99.90 first payment and then $49.95/year
Your Price: $49.95/year

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credit card
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SNAP for Wordpress

SNAP for Wordpress

SNAP for Wordpress MultiUser

SNAP for Wordpress MultiUser