SNAP Version 4 Features

New Autoposting Engine

Faster and 180% more efficient engine. It takes less memory and resources to preform autoposting jobs.


New dedicated page to see all future jobs – postings, re-postings, scheduled and queried posts.

New mobile friendly Interface

New interface is easier to use and much more mobile friendly.

WordPress Multisite

SNAP is now WordPress Multisite Network Compatible. Yes, even free and “Pro” versions will work on one site in the WordPress Multisite Environemnt

Version 4 is available.

Version 4 has been released on October 16, 2017

Existing Posts Auto Re-Posting

Existing Posts Auto Re-Posting done right. Share your existing posts to your social networks. Repeat postings.
More info: Reposter

Version 4 has been released on Monday, October 16, 2017

New SNAP Location

SNAP is now located in the side menu.

Quick Post Improvements

Quick Posts can be scheduled for any time. Quick posts are now all saved and can be edited and re-posted.

All SNAP Features

All code for version 4 was reviewed and optimized. Every feature is now faster, more efficient and easier to use.


Most Major Social Networks are supported.


SNAP has a lot of settings to configure.

Powerful Filters

Set what posts go to each network based on categories, tags, type, format and many more criteria.

Limit Autoposting Speed

Importing many posts at once? Not a problem. SNAP can query your autoposts and publish them one by one in defined time intervals.

Custom URLs for AutoPosts

You can set a custom URL for the link shared by SNAP

Autopost New Blogposts

SNAP will automatically post your newly published blogposts (pages, events, products, custom post types) to all your defined social media accounts.

Quick Post

Send a quick post to all configured social networks without creating a WordPress blogpost.

"Spin" message post templates

Automatically change/alter the words or sentences in your social media posts 

Emoji Support

Emoji Support

Export/Import Plugin settings

You Export and Import all plugin settings as backup or to move it to another site

Format your posts

Format your posts using flexible replacement tags. make text posts, share links, or post images.


SNAP can post tags, categories and any other custom WordPress taxonomies as Hashtags

Additional URL Parameters

Add additional parameters to the links posted by SNAP.

URL Shorteners

URL Shorteners:,, Rebrandly, YOURLS and built in WordPress URL Shortener

See what was posted

You can see the direct links to the posts published by SNAP on the "Post Edit" page
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