Automatic hashtags from WordPress tags and/or categories

Plugin has an ability to post tags and categories as hashtags. This is very useful for Twitter and Google+

There are two message format templates that could be used:

%HTAGS% – Inserts post tags as hashtags
%HCATS% – Inserts post categories as hashtags,
%HCT-CustomTaxonomyName% – Inserts the list of custom taxonomies associated with the post as hashtags.

Woocommerce product tags are also supported for %TAGS% and %HTAGS%.

Example of Twitter message format with tags as hashtags:


Manual hashtags

You can also manually add hashtags by typing them directly to the “message format” fields either in general network settings or for each post.

SNAP Features


Most Major Social Networks are supported.


Set what posts go to each network based on categories, tags, types ….

Auto-import comments

Auto-import comments from Facebook and replies and mentions from Twitter as WordPress Comments

Custom URLs for AutoPosts

You can set a custom URL for the link shared by SNAP

"Spin" message post templates

Ability to “Spin” message post templates


SNAP has a lot of settings to configure.

Auto re-posting of the old posts

SNAP can auto re-post the alrrady existing posts

URL Shorteners

URL Shorteners: bit.ly, goo.gl, Rebrandly, YOURLS and built in WordPress URL Shortener


Export/Import Plugin settings

You Export and Import all plugin settings as backup or to move it to another site

Choose what image to use

You can choose what image to use with SNAP post

Message Formatting

How to format your posts.

Post Types

SNAP can autopost blogposts, pages, woocommerce products, and any other “Custom Post Types”


SNAP can post tags, tategories and any other custom WordPress taxonomies as Hashtags

Additional URL Parameters

Add additional parameters to the links posted by SNAP.

See what was posted

You can see the direct links to the posts published by SNAP on the “Post Edit” page

SNAP Pro for Wordpress

Pro version upgrade adds the ability to configure more than one account for each social network and some additional features.

Get SNAP Pro

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