Message Formatting Tags

Message Formatting Tags

Message formatting tags

SNAP supports the following formatting tags:

%TITLE% – Inserts the Title of the post
%URL% – Inserts the URL of the post
%SURL% – Inserts the shortened URL of your post
%SLUG% – Inserts slug of the posts URL
%IMG% – Inserts the featured image URL
%EXCERPT% – Inserts the excerpt of the post (processed)
%RAWEXCERPT% – Inserts the excerpt of the post (as typed)
%ANNOUNCE% – Inserts the text till the <!–more–> tag or first N words of the post
%FULLTEXT% – Inserts the processed body(text) of the post
%RAWTEXT% – Inserts the body(text) of the post as typed
%ORID% – Original ID. Post ID for WordPress.
%TAGS% – Inserts post tags
%CATS% – Inserts post categories
%HTAGS% – Inserts post tags as hashtags
%HCATS% – Inserts post categories as hashtags
%AUTHORNAME% – Inserts the author’s name
%AUTHOREMAIL% – Inserts the author’s email
%AUTHORTWNAME% – Inserts @twitter username from the user(author) settings.
%SITENAME% – Inserts the the Blog/Site name
%POSTFORMAT% – Inserts the format of the post
%CF-CustomFieldName% – Inserts the contents of the custom field with the specified name. (example: if your price is stored in the custom field “PRDPRICE” you will need to use %CF-PRDPRICE% tag)
%CT-CustomTaxonomyName% – Inserts the list of custom taxonomies associated with the post
%HCT-CustomTaxonomyName% – Inserts the list of custom taxonomies associated with the post as hashtags.


1. How to imitate a web-preview for networks with HTML support (Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Medium, etc..).
Message format:
<p>New Post has been published on %URL%</p>
<p><img src=”%IMG%” alt=”%TITLE%”/></p><p>%EXCERPT%</p></blockquote>

Please note: %IMG% inserts the URL of the image. You need to wrap it in the HTML tag to show the actual picture.

2. WooCommerce Product with Price:

On Sale Now: %TITLE% – $%CF-_price% – %URL%



Custom Taxonomy Usage Example:

Related FAQ

Question: How and where can I change the default text that posted to my networks “New post has been published on …”?

Answer: You can change the default text in the plugin settings for each network.

Change default text

You can also adjust this text for each post individually.

Change default text

Please see here for more info about formatting tags:

SNAP Features


Most Major Social Networks are supported.


SNAP has a lot of settings to configure.

Powerful Filters

Set what posts go to each network based on categories, tags, type, format and many more criteria.

Limit Autoposting Speed

Importing many posts at once? Not a problem. SNAP can query your autoposts and publish them one by one in defined time intervals.

Custom URLs for AutoPosts

You can set a custom URL for the link shared by SNAP

Autopost New Blogposts

SNAP will automatically post your newly published blogposts (pages, events, products, custom post types) to all your defined social media accounts.

Quick Post

Send a quick post to all configured social networks without creating a WordPress blogpost.

"Spin" message post templates

Automatically change/alter the words or sentences in your social media posts 

Emoji Support

Emoji Support

Export/Import Plugin settings

You Export and Import all plugin settings as backup or to move it to another site

Format your posts

Format your posts using flexible replacement tags. make text posts, share links, or post images.


SNAP can post tags, categories and any other custom WordPress taxonomies as Hashtags

Additional URL Parameters

Add additional parameters to the links posted by SNAP.

URL Shorteners

URL Shorteners:,, Rebrandly, YOURLS and built in WordPress URL Shortener

See what was posted

You can see the direct links to the posts published by SNAP on the "Post Edit" page

SNAP Pro for Wordpress

Pro version upgrade adds the ability to configure more than one account for each social network and some additional features.

Get SNAP Pro

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