We got numerous questions regarding missing “Share” link in the Facebook posts made by the plugin. Our answer was what we got from Facebook itself. “This is a Facebook API limitation, you can’t have a ‘Share’ link in your posts”. Recently we did some research and we have found that there is a possibility to add this “Share” link if you change the way you attach the original post to your Facebook message.

Since version 1.9.8 you have a choice of adding your original blogpost as an ‘attachement’ to your Facebook message or “sharing a link” to your blogpost. Here is the difference between those two types of posting:

Please go to the plugin settings->Facebook Account Settings and switch from “Attach your blogpost” to “Share a link to your blogpost”

Facebook Share Button

UPD 06/2013

Facebook is including “Share” link to “Attach your blogpost” types of postings as well.

Facebook Share Button