The new version 2.1 has been released. It addresses the critical issue that should prevent any problems in case GoDaddy or somebody else decide to put down our DNS. it also has some nice improvement and numerous bug fixes.

New network has been added. Now you can auto-post to WordPress based websites. This includes,, and all other blogs based on WordPress

New interface:

Changes (since 2.0.8):

= 2.1.0 =
* New – New network: WordPress based websites. This option includes,, and and any other blogs based on WP.
* Improvement – nicknames for your accounts. You can give each account a nickname to make it easier to identify in the list.
* Improvement – better looking settings pages.
* Improvement – new option to either schedule auto-posts (recommended) or do it immediately. This could be useful to the people with disabled or broken WP Cron.
* Critical Stability fix – The next GoDaddy crush should not break your website.
* Bug fix – disappearing accounts.
* Bug fix – custom post settings weren’t saved in some cases.
* Bug fix – format and settings fixes for almost all networks.

= 2.0.12 =
* Bug fix – Some Facebook connectivity isses.
* Bug fix – Unselected Custom post types were still published in some cases.

= 2.0.11 =
* Bug fix – Compatibility issue with some browsers.

= 2.0.10 =
* Bug fix – Facebook “Share link” fix.
* Improvement/Bug fix – some interface cosmetic changes.

= 2.0.9 =
* Bug fix – Facebook Authorization “Error 100” Fix.

You can download it from NextScripts or directly from