The new version 2.3.2 has been released. It has 3 major improvements.

1. Version 2.3 (Pro only) adds support for WordPress Multisites (Ex WordPress MU). SNAP Pro allows to autopost from the main Super Admin account blog. We are also introducing a special edition of the plugin called “SNAP Pro for WordPress Multisites”. This edition adds a separate Super Admin management modules that allows full control over autoposting from any blog in the network. Super Admin can allow each blog to configure individual social networks and autopost there or just make the whole network autopost to main blog accounts. Super Admin can setup any individual blog in the network to different settings.

WPMU SNAP Setup Each Site

See more info about and get it here: SNAP Pro for WordPress Multisites

2. StumbleUpon.

Poll Here is the results of the poll we have on our site. Most people voted for StumbleUpon, so here it is. Auto-post the link to your new blogpost to your StumbleUpon account. Free.

3. vBulletin. Would you like start discussion threads about your new blogposts on some remote forums or just update your thread somewhere with new reply about your blogpost? vBulletin versions 3.6+ and 4.X are supported. You can see our thread on as an example. Free.

Changes log.

= 2.3.2 =

* New – New network: vBulletin. Share your new blogpost on your StumbleUpon account.
* Functionality Change – due to massive amount of requests – WP Pro (not WP Pro for MU) allows to post only to one main Super Admin account, not to all accounts across in the network.
* Bug fix – StumbleUpon re-post wrong category fix.
* Bug fix – “expecting T_FUNCTION” error.
* Bug fix – Blogger – “Invalid JSON” Error

= 2.3.1 =

* Bug fix – Facebook stability.
* Bug fix – WP Multisite Management problems.

= 2.3.0 =

* New – Support for WP Multisite (Pro Only) –
* New – New network: Stumbleupon. Share your new blogpost on your StumbleUpon account.
* Improvement – Better configuration screens.
* Improvement – Facebook SDK upped to 3.2.0
* Bug fix – Facebook authorization problems.
* Bug fix – Blogger Character encoding.
* Bug fix – Stability improvements
* Bug fix – LinkedIn post without attachment.

You can download it from NextScripts or directly from