The new version 2.5.0 has been released. This release includes several “most requested” pieces of functionality.

– Direct links to the published posts from the “Edit” page:


– Ability to assign categories to each Social Network. This network will be auto-selected only when post assigned to specified categories.






– Choice of uploading images to the default “App” album or to the special “Timeline/Wall” album. (see more here)



Full list of changes

= 2.5.0 =

* New/Improvement – Direct links to posts in the “Edit” page.
* New/Improvement – Pinterest – ability to “Pin” videos.
* Improvement – Facebook – Photos could be posted to the App Album or to the “Wall” album to avoid grouping
* Improvement – if post has video and no images, video preview image will be used.
* Improvement/Bug fix – Fixed incorrect image checking against websites blocking HEAD request.
* Improvement/Bug fix – support for “attached” but not “featured” images.
* Bug fix – Facebook – broken “image” post if post has video.
* Bug fix – Plurk was not taking settings from the “Edit” page
* Bug fix – Blogger (Free API) iframe was breaking autoposting

You can download it from NextScripts or directly from