Since version 2.5.0 you have a choice of uploading images to the default “App” album or to the special “Timeline/Wall” album.

App Album: Facebook automatically creates an album for your app with the same name as your app name. If you post images frequently Facebook will group them as in any regular album.

Timeline/Wall: Images will be posted to the special “Wall/Timeline” album and won’t be grouped even if posted frequently. The only tricky part here is that Facebook does not create “Wall/Timeline” album automatically. This album gets created only when first image posted to timeline manually. You need to go to your Facebook Account/Page/Group and upload one image to timeline before selecting this option.


If “Wall/Timeline” does not exist, images will be posted to the “App Album” even if “Wall/Timeline” option is selected.

Thanks to the plugin user “Leon Ho” for contributing to this functionality.