The new version 2.7.4 has been released.

It contain very important fix resolving the “Duplicate Posts” problem. Please install this upgrade if you are getting duplicates or if you missing some posts.
Release also adds support for use of featured images from Yet Another Photoblog (YAPB) plugin. Several other bugs have been fixed as well.

Full list of changes.

= 2.7.4 [03/12/2013] =

* New – Support for images from Yet Another Photoblog(YAPB) Plugin.
* Improvement – Pinterest will recognize entered price.
* Improvement – VK – video attachments. (Pro Only)
* Improvement/Bug Fix – Changed/Improved the way of finding images in posts
* Improvement/Bug Fix – Title template for LinkedIn Groups
* Improvement/Bug Fix – Perfomance and Duplicate handling improvements
* Bug Fix – Duplicate posts issue.
* Bug Fix – Sometimes “Individual Category Selection” checkboxes were ignored
* Bug Fix – Broken VK Image posts.
* Bug Fix – Twitter Error – in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array

= 2.7.3 [03/06/2013] =

* New – New network “YouTube” (Comes with Google+ API Only)
* Improvement/Bug Fix – Better Duplicate handling.
* Bug Fix – “Access Denied” errors
* Bug Fix – Blogger removing some letters from the posts
* Bug Fix – %HTAGS% tag was not working for some networks