We are going into the “all hands” development mode starting tomorrow an going till the Apr 15. We will be making version 3.0. We want to reinvent the SNAP for the third time and make it faster, simpler and more efficient. We will also add a lot of cool features in a process.

Some of the features we are considering:

Ability to scheduled auto-posts for the specific time.
Ability to add auto-posts to the query that will be posted according to some specified rules (like “two posts per hour”).
Ability to auto-post already existing posts
Ability to auto-repost existing and already posted posts based on some rules (one-by-one, random, from specific days, etc..)
Ability to make multi-image posts to Facebook and Google+
Ability to select what image to use for “Image” and “Attachment” post types if post has several images
Support for each user to be able to setup and autopost to his/her own accounts

Important notice: We will concentrate on development and we will be much less available for support during this time. The current version 2.7.8 is very stable, has been thoroughly tested and has no major bugs. 85% of support tickets we are getting now are already answered in the FAQ. Please check the FAQ page, installation instructions, “Pro” update instructions and contact us only if you don;t find the answer there. Although response time will be much longer then usual.

Important notice #2: Our plugin comes with free upgrades for lifetime. Version 3.0 will be free upgrade. All settings and configured networks from previous versions will be auto-imported to 3.0 without any actions from you.