Promotion offer Changes

We are no longer offering downloadable Google+ and Pinterest APIs along with WordPress Plugin.

We had this promotion offer for quite some time. Two downloadable API libraries were included with SNAP Pro WordPress plugin purchase.

Today we are replacing this offer with something much better. From now on SNAP Pro WordPress plugin comes with built-in run-time edition of SNAP Universal API. SNAP Universal API adds not just Google+ and Pinterest, but 10 additional networks otherwise not available for autoposting in any form or significantly improved over the original APIs.

Platforms/Social Networks based on the unique NextScripts SNAP API:

 1. Blogger/Blogspot – Post to your Blog. HTML is supported.
 2. – Post to your blog. HTML is supported.
 3. Flipboard – Post to your magazine.
 4. Google+ – Post to your profile, business page or community. Ability to attach a link to Google+ post. Ability to make “Image” posts.
 5. LinkedIn – Unique ability to Post to LinkedIn Company pages
 6. Pinterest – Pin your blogpost’s featured image to your Pinterest board.
 7. Reddit – post to your subreddits.
 8. vBulletin – Auto-submit your blogpost to vBulletin forums. Could create new threads or new posts.
 9. vKontakte( – Post to your profile or group page. Ability to attach link to post. Ability to make “Image” posts.
10. YouTube – Post messages to your YouTube channel feed. Ability to attach videos to posts.

PS: If you need downloadable Google+ and Pinterest APIs, they are now the part of our SNAP Universal API (Light and Pro Editions are downloadable). And guess what? SNAP Pro WordPress plugin is included for free with every Light or Pro SNAP Universal API purchase.

PS2: This change is effective today, May 1st 2014. If you find our old ad somewhere, the old “3in1” promotion there is no longer valid.

PS3: We are no longer offering separate downloadable Google+ and Pinterest APIs to the new customers. We simply don’t have and don’t support those two files anymore. All up-to-date APIs including Google+ and Pinterest are available only in the SNAP Universal API.

What happened with what I have now? Does it mean I should re-purchase?

1. Nothing will be changed for you if you are using WordPress Plugin (actually it will be even better). It will work with SNAP Runtime API indefinitely. SNAP Runtime API is embded in the “Pro” plugin.

2. Downloadable Google+ and Pinterest API libraries (that were included for free with SNAP Pro Plugin order) are discontinued. Those files will be kept up to date till the May 2015 after that they will stop working right after Google and/or Pinterest make any breaking changes to it’s interfaces. Those libraries should be replaced with SNAP API before that.

3. Universal SNAP API. New product that includes API to Google+, Pinterest and all other networks (free and not free). SNAP API comes as a yearly subscription. If you purchased “SNAP Pro WordPress plugin with Google+ and Pinterest API libraries for $49.95” within a year of upgrade, you can get a $49.95 discount for your first year.