First off all we need to apologize to all the people who lost “Pro” features or got “Incorrect Activation Key” error during the last 8 hours.

Last night our server got corrupted in a bad way. What happened is when plugin checked for a version upgrade instead of “No/Here is a New Version” response server was returning a corrupted page. Plugin assumed it’s a new version – “Pro” functionality got corrupted. The same happened to the new “Pro” activation requests. Instead of “Pro” features server returned some corrupted page causing “Incorrect Activation Key” errors.

It’s all fixed now. Please re-enter your activation key and “Pro” will be back.

More then that, we made sure that this will never happened again. Please update “NextScripts: SNAP Pro Upgrade Helper” plugin to the latest version 1.3.3 that we just released. It should be available in your WP Admin -> Dashboards -> Updates section or you can get it from

UPDATE: Issues like “Can’t upload images” and “Broken Media Manager” are also related to this.