SNAP for WordPress Version 3.4.12 has been released. This version adds support for two new URL shorteners, ability to force shortened URLS as well as some bug fixes.

URL Shortener

Versions 3.4.x will be the last of V3 family. We already started working on the version 4, which will bring new interface and many new features including completely revamped “Old Posts Re-Posting”.

You can install it directly from your WP Admin panel, download it from NextScripts or from

3.4.12 [02/23/2015] New – New URL Shortener –
New – New URL Shortener –
New – “Force Shortened Links” option as well as “Shorten URL” checkbox on post settings will force shortened links to be used as attachments where possible.
New – %ANNOUNCER% tag will insert the rest of the post left from %ANNOUNCE% tag.
New – %AUTHORTWNAME% tag will insert @twitter username from the user settings.
Improvement – [Twitter] More useful info on image errors.
Improvement/Bug Fix – %HCT-CustomTaxonomy% will replace spaces in tags.
Improvement/Bug Fix – [Flickr] More useful info on errors.
Bug Fix – [XING] Broken XING category exclusion/inclusion

3.4.10 [02/02/2015] Improvement/Bug Fix – compliance with new LinkedIn API changes causing “(#400) ‘submitted-image-url’ can not be empty” error
New – Twitter – ability to post Tweets as replies

3.4.9 [01/28/2015] New – %CT-CustomTaxonomy% and %HCT-CustomTaxonomy% tags for custom taxonomies.
Bug Fix – %CF-CustomFieldName% was broken by the 3.4.8

3.4.8 [01/26/2015] Improvement/Bug Fix – compliance with new Facebook API changes causing “(#100) Tried accessing nonexisting field (access_token) on node type (Group)” error
Bug Fix – Diigo – was ignoring custom URL selection.
Bug Fix – Don’t keep errors in the DB is “Email errors” isn’t checked.
Bug Fix – Some minor issues.

3.4.7 [12/26/2014] Improvement – Wodrpress 4.1 Compatibility
Bug Fix – Flickr – “Invalid signature” problem.
Bug Fix – Sett – fix for “You need to provide a name” error.
Bug Fix – Some minor issues.

3.4.6 [12/09/2014] Bug Fix – fixed corrupted file from 3.4.5

3.4.5 [12/08/2014] New [Tumblr] – New option: Set post date.
New [Tumblr] – New option: Fill source URL.
Bug Fix – [] “301 Moved Permanently” error message has been fixed.
Bug Fix – [Instapaper] “Created” error message has been fixed.