SNAP for WordPress Version 4.1 has been released. This version adds support for WPML and Polylang in filters and one new network – Messenger Line. It also eliminates the necessity to “Save” WordPress post after making changes to SNAP message format.

== Changelog ==

= 4.1.0 [12/05/2017] =

* New [Beta] – WPML and Polylang support in Filters.
* New Network – Messenger Line (
* New/Improvement – [Post Edit] – All changes are saved instantly. No more “Please save the post to apply changes”.
* New/Improvement – [Import/Export Accounts] – There are 4 options now – Export All, Export Selected, Import and replace, Import and Merge
* New – [Instagram] “Default Image” field in settings.
* Improvement – PHP 5.3 compatibility. (It still works better on PHP 5.6 and 7+)
* Bug Fix – [Facebook] & instead of & in the “Additional URL Parameters”
* Bug Fix – [Twitter] Option “Dash” has been removed from “Replace spaces in hashtags with …” because Twitter no longer supports dashes in hashtags.
* Several minor bug fixes.

You can install it directly from your WP Admin panel or download it from