As promised earlier, yesterday Facebook disabled all unapproved apps. We are guessing they received several billion complains right after that. That forced Facebook to back down a little bit.

Facebook just sent this to all app developers:

Today, August 1, is the deadline for apps to begin this app review and maintain access to the Pages API, Groups API and extended permissions for Facebook Login. We are enforcing this deadline by shutting off access to the APIs above for those apps that are inactive (have not made Graph API calls in the last 28 days as of July 31). This means, if you want to maintain your API access, please submit for app review through your app dashboard.

To avoid disruption, apps that are considered active (have called the Graph API in the last 28 days) will not be deactivated. Instead, we have decided to proactively enroll these active apps into the app review process in the coming weeks. Developers will be notified if the app review team needs additional information to complete the app review process. Any notifications will be sent within your app dashboard and via email, please check there for additional guidance on the actions you need to take.

All active, but still unapproved apps that were suspended yesterday were re-activated. SNAP works fine with such apps.