If your post is posted as “Image Only” (no description) or you click the link to the new Instagram post and see this:

Sorry, this page isn’t available.

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.

This might happen immediately or several minutes after the post.

This behavior usually means your account is under some suspicion. Someone either reported your posts as spam or your hosting provider IP range was previously used to abuse Instagram. Please stop autoposter for couple days and post several images form your phone without any tags. This usually resolves the issue. After that please try to make posts that people won’t report as spam.

“Unknown Server Error” means that image you are uploading is already known to Instagram. It was uploaded there before and it was uploaded by some suspicious/spammy accounts. Generally it means that you are posting something that is not your new selfie. This is often combined with “Sorry, this page isn’t available” issue, but regardless, resolution is the same – login to Instagram from your phone. Post normally for several days. Your account will be restored. Review your posting strategy after that.