Plurk: Setup/Installation Social Networks Auto-Poster for WordPress


1. Plugin


1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Google+
4. Pinterest
5. Tumblr
6. LinkedIn
7. Blogger
8. Delicious
9. Wordpress Based
10. Diigo
11. Plurk
Plurk uses OAuth to provide authorized access to its API. You need to create Plurk application and authorize it for your blog.

View Plurk Apps:
Manage/Edit Plurk Apps:

Plurk Configuration

1. Create a Plurk App for your website.

1. Login to your Plurk account.
2. Go to the Developers website: Sign in if asked.
3. Click “Create an Plurk app” Button. Fill details, click “Register App”.
Please use your own information, don’t literally re-type “NextScripts Blog”, “” and other sample info.
New App
4. Click “Edit” button next to your new app.
– Notice App key and App secret on this page.
App Page

2. Connect Plurk to your WordPress.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Social Networks AutoPoster Options.
2. Click “Add New Account”, select Plurk from the dropdown list.
3. Fill your Plurk URL. Fill Plurk App Key and App secret from step 1.
4. Choose default prefix and if you would like to add images.
5. Fill the “Post Text Format”. Default is: %TITLE% – %URL%
6. Click “Update Settings”.
App Page
7. Go to your new Plurk Account. Click new link “Authorize Your Plurk Account”
App Page
8. Follow the Authoriziation Wizard. Click “Yes, Grant the Permission”.
App Page
9. Wizard will return you to the SNAP Settings page. Check your new Plurk account. It should say “Your Plurk Account has been authorized. Your display name: YYYYYYYYY”.
App Page

3. Your Plurk account is ready to use.

How to setup each type of Social Network

1 Facebook Configuration
2. Twitter Configuration
3. Google+ Configuration
4. Pinterest Configuration

5. App.Net Configuration
6. Blogger Configuration
7. Delicious Configuration
8. Configuration
9. Diigo Configuration
10. Flickr Configuration
11. [New]Medium Configuration
12. [New]Instagram Configuration
13. Instapaper Configuration
14. LinkedIn Configuration
15. LiveJournal/Dreamwidth Configuration
16. Reddit Configuration
17. Scoop.It Configuration
18. Stumbleupon Configuration
19. Tumblr Configuration
20. Plurk Configuration
21. vBulletin Configuration
22. vKontakte( Configuration
23. Configuration
24. YouTube Configuration
24. [New]Yo Configuration
25. [New]500px Configuration

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