SNAP for WordPress Version 4 has been released. This is the biggest SNAP update ever. Almost 100% of the code was re-written.

– New Autoposting Engine. Faster and 180% more efficient engine. It takes less memory and resources to preform autoposting jobs.
– Old Posts Auto-reposting. Automatically post your already existing posts to your social media accounts.
– Filters. Filters allow you to post only specified categories, tags, post types, etc… to each Social Network account.
– Query/Timeline. New dedicated page to see all future jobs – postings, re-postings, scheduled and queried posts.
– New mobile friendly Interface. New interface is easier to use and much more mobile friendly.
– WordPress Multisite Support. SNAP is now WordPress Multisite Network Compatible. Yes, even free and “Pro” versions will work on one site in the WordPress Multisite Environment

Please see here for more details about Version 4: Version 4 Features

You can install it directly from your WP Admin panel or download it from