NextScripts API for Facebook is joining NextScripts Premium API family.

Official native Facebook API was going downhill for quite some time. It used to work fine and it had all necessary features, but during the last year it lost a lot of functionality.

Here is the list of some major changes made by Facebook recently:
– Setup become extremely over-complicated. Facebook setup instruction has 16 steps. Facebook “Common Problems” FAQ section has 22 items.
– Ability to set Image, Title and Description for shared links has been removed, forcing only usage of OG meatatgs.
– Ability to post to Closed and Secret groups for non-admins has been removed.
– oAuth login callback URL field become mandatory, complicating setup.
– oAuth “Strict Mode” become mandatory, complicating setup even further.
– Ability to post to open groups has been removed for non-admins.
– “Enforce HTTPS for Web OAuth Login” setting become mandatory, forcing all sites to switch to HTTPS.
– Ability to post to pages as “Page Name” has been broken. All post are made from user’s name and go to the community section.
Ability to post to Groups has been disabled complitely.

Basically official native Facebook API become very restricted, very hard to setup and very limited. It’s time to have an alternative. NextScripts API for Facebook could be used to replace official native Facebook API. It has none of the restrictions listed above.

Available today as Beta (supports only Autoposting to Groups) to all active Premium API subscribers and prepaid users. Please update SNAP plugin to version 4.2.2, API to version 4.3.3 and SNAP Upgrade helper to version 1.5.5.

If you still don’t have NextScripts SNAP Premium API for WordPress you can get it here: SNAP Premium API

[Update] Update with support for profiles. pages and groups has been releases: